Like many of you, I have always had a strong affinity with animals. These beautiful creatures are very receptive to healing work and as such, I am very happy to offer my services to your beloved pets.

Alongside good veterinary care, these modalities can truly enhance your pet’s recovery and return to good health when they’ve been in the wars. Like us, animals have very real emotional lives and can benefit greatly from releasing past traumas, grief, and even emotions they absorb from their environment – as they offer their therapeutic, comforting company to others!

So, how does it work?

Reiki can be given to animals directly. They have their own innate wisdom that knows where to direct this energy for greater well-being. This can be done in the comfort of their own home. Alternatively, their owner may come into the clinic and receive the Reiki treatment on behalf of the animal, who receives the benefit.

It is a similar idea with Kinesiology. While it is rather tricky to muscle test an animal directly, clear and accurate results may be gained by muscle testing the owner who will temporarily surrogate their pet’s energy. Corrections can be carried out in the clinic, with all benefit going to the animal. It can be really insightful for owners to have this more detailed feedback about what is going on for their pet on the mental & emotional levels. It also allows us to find out what they can do to continue to support their pet in the home environment.

Currently, in my work with horses (on site), I do a mixture of surrogating with the owner present and also doing corrections directly with the horse. (It really depends on what the animal would like and this information is gathered by muscle testing and intuitive/psychic communication).

These sessions are offered at the same rate as for people. Where long-distance travel is required to work with you, there will be an additional travel cost worked out in each case. This will be discussed prior to engagement.